Tim Barlow

Experts encourage marketers to broaden their list horizons. The constant in the direct marketing world is the need to hunt for viable sources of prospecting names. In the early days of this industry, the variety of lists now on the market didn’t exist; list professionals and their clients would have to talk companies—sometimes competitors—into renting or exchanging names. As the number of lists on the market grew, it became a great deal easier for marketers to find quality lists for their offers. Now, average response rates suggest that marketers have tapped out every possible list source. According to a number of

The List Industry By Tim Barlow During the last 23 years, I've been engaged in providing list management and brokerage services to some of the nation's leading direct marketers. I've witnessed the evolution of customer-acquisition and list-marketing strategies that have driven the success of today's market leaders. Utilizing data processing and business information technology, the list services industry has increased dramatically the speed and cost effectiveness of direct marketing, thus enabling both large and small firms to share in the success of direct mail. The development of "best practices" standards in the areas of merge-purge, response analysis, modeling, database management and good

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