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E-commerce is a powerful force in marketing, but imagine how much stronger of a retail profit center it could be with the other 98 percent of sales it could be making? According to recent research from Episerver, only 2 percent of e-commerce site visitors convert.

E-commerce marketers will rake in $61 billion during November and December, comScore says. Americans using their desktop computers to buy spent more than $2 billion on Cyber Monday alone, according to the same research firm. Yet there's still time for marketers to mess Holiday 2014 up, says Olivia Cole in an ifbyphone blog post. "The 5 E-Commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales" isn't exactly the wish list marketers were hoping to see during the holidays, but it may be one they need to read.

Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) are now not only revealing which sites are mobile-friendly, but which ones aren't, according to the Search Engine Roundtable. On Tuesday, Barry Schwartz's article "Google's Text Version of Mobile-Friendly Web Pages in Search Results" shows significant progression during the past month in Google's SERP labeling. He found mobile icons appearing this month next to mobile-friendly results. On Monday, he saw crossed-out mobile icons next to some results that led to mobile-unfriendly sites. On Tuesday, Schwartz spotted text ("mobile-friendly") to the right of the appropriate URLs. [Editor's note: Searches on an Android device did not yield the same results as Schwartz found.

Join author and conversion rate expert Tim Ash for a wild ride through neuroscience to learn how the human brain functions, perceives the world and makes decisions. By understanding how your customers' minds treat incoming information you will be better equipped to create campaign landing pages and marketing messages that influence website visitors to complete your conversion action.

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