Let’s consider two scenarios: In the first one, which takes place in the Stone Age, a customer has a problem with your widget. She dials your toll-free number on her stone phone, and the call center rep (who’s wearing a loincloth because it’s casual Friday) spends valuable time walking the customer through the process of hooking up the widget. In the second scenario, you have a customer who has a problem with your widget. She surfs over to your Web site and clicks on the FAQ section located in a prominent place on your home-page. The first few FAQs in the list are the most

by Alicia Orr What differentiates a good outbound telemarketing call from a bad one? We've all been on the receiving end of poor quality sales calls ("On Target," TM, Jan. '98, p. 39). So how can we ensure that the telemarketing programs we put into place are well-targeted, professionally executed and, ultimately, successful? "There are so many different ingredients or facets of a successful telemarketing program that it's tough to single out a few," asserts Wayne Harper, vice president of West Telemarketing's Dedicated Services Division in San Antonio, TX. But in his eyes, three "musts" that stand out are list, offer

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