Terry Talley

Billboard Format Still Tops Response Charts for Smithsonian By Paul Barbagallo That copywriter Terry Talley and designer Linda Tabatch didn't know when they beat Smithsonian magazine's long-term control in 1995 was just how long their new package would be in the mail stream. No direct mail practitioners really do. But nearly a decade later, the tandem's original 81/2" x 11" billboard acquisition appeal—fit with an acetate pouch that contains just a double-postcard and a BRE—is still reaching prospective readers. "When Smithsonian first tested our package, it initially lifted response by 83 percent over the old control," Talley shares. "Our main goal at the

By Hallie Mummert Hands down, the most successful direct mail control ever mailed is the much talked about "Two Young Men" effort, written by Martin Conroy in 1974 for The Wall Street Journal. Many copywriters have tried to imitate its success, and have not been able to duplicate the magic of the original. When you have a blockbuster direct response effort like this on your hands, in which the copy remains relevant and powerful after 30 years, how can you not look at ways to transfer the appeal of this sales message to other response media? To reach new markets, the Journal created

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