Tammy Boatright

By Kendra Clayton I'm certain you've heard the expression, " ... like a fine wine," referring to something rare and extraordinary. But what, exactly, determines a fine wine? First, there's color and clarity. Second, a fine wine's aroma is scintillating and rich. Third comes the much-anticipated taste. It must be savored for the full body to come forth; a perfect balance of fruit, alcohol and acidity. This process, used to determine a wine's worth, can be broadly applied across the market of its connoisseurs as well. Oenophiles, or wine connoisseurs, are a rare breed, made all the more difficult to hone in on

By Lea Pierce Testimonials are a quirky thing. On the one hand, it's a safe bet that one of the first questions most copywriters ask their clients (right after, "Can I see the product?") is, "Do you have any testimonials?" The reason is simple. When it comes to getting raw meat for great copy, a rave review from a buyer-turned-advocate can be potent stuff. When you're building credibility in print, on the Web and in broadcast direct marketing, a testimonial can do much of the heavy lifting. And when it's brimming with specific benefits and a hefty dollop of relevant product details,

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