Talibah Mbonisi

Customer journey planning is emerging as an important step to help differentiate companies from the competition, delight customers and demonstrate what your brand is all about. Join Silverpop’s Talibah Mbonisi as she reviews customer journey planning techniques and how to use the output from this strategic work to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Don’t get stuck managing simple drip nurture programs - sending out "a one size fits all" newsletter or product announcement every few weeks. Learn how you can fill communication gaps by creating sophisticated nurture programs that build brand preference and loyalty before a sale and in between multiple purchase transactions.

These days, not only do you have to be sure you are reaching out to the right people, but you must also be certain your message is personally relevant to each recipient and arrives at the right time. View today to learn several key areas digital marketers must focus on to increase customer engagement and loyalty to drive revenue.

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