T.E. Lawrence

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In 1922, Ernest Hemingway's wife, Hadley Richardson, left both the original manuscripts and carbon copies of all the early short stories on a train in the Gare de Lyon in Paris. They were never found. T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") left the original manuscript of his "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" in the café of the Reading railroad station in England and never found it

Business interruption--are you prepared? Sept. 15, 2005--Vol. 1, Issue #31 IN THE NEWS Jose Suescun, who ran the one-man operation in Metairie, La., picking up the items from New Orleans merchants and shipping them out of his home, was forced to flee Hurricane Katrina in his pewter Hummer and can only wonder what became of his old neighborhood. From what he could glean from news accounts soon after, he concluded it was badly flooded. "My whole business went down the drain," Mr. Suescun

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