Sylvia Konkel

By Sylvia Konkel From printing and proofing to data and mail processing, technology has improved every aspect of the direct mail production process. The tighter production processes and increased customization possibilities that have resulted are opening up a host of new opportunities to help you attract the eyeballs of your audience. Here are five such technologies aimed at helping you enhance your direct mail communications by improving personalization, refining handling and tracking, or simply getting you more for your direct mail dollar. Remote Proofing The advent of "soft" proofing is one of the most important advancements in direct mail production technology. Soft

By Sylvia Konkel dvancements in technology have made the modern direct mail services provider a far more valuable business partner than ever before. As direct marketers find themselves producing more and more direct mail packages, coordinating and managing these projects becomes increasingly time-consuming. Unfortunately, most marketers don't have a system for tracking inventory. Reorder requests often are made when personnel discover they have run out of materials—and determining appropriate quantities to produce then involves sifting through purchase orders. While such a cumbersome system rarely is effective, few companies in the direct marketing industry have the time to maintain anything more elaborate. One

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