Susan Landay

The proposal to end the United States Postal Service’s door-to-door delivery service was approved by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday in a 22 to 17 vote. The plan now heads to the House of Representatives. If the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has its way, the USPS will eliminate to-the-door mail delivery and replace it with curbside and cluster box delivery. And that may have an effect on how merchants mail catalogs to prospects and customers alike. According to an article published by Reuters, the USPS began that change in service for Americans who move

Getting punny this week, "Multichannel Marketing Fails … Who Really Dropped the Brand?" is the question posed by LinkedIn Integrated Marketing Mix group member Colleen T. Reese. On Twitter, a brand "#fail" can easily become a "trending topic." But public embarrassment is only part of the problem, Reese says. "To most people, this is a source of light entertainment," she writes. "To marketers and PR folk, branding mistakes cost money, time and, most importantly, trust."

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