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My colleague and client, Bob Doscher, loves FSIs. "When a Valassis FSI ('shared mail') goes out, CEOs of love it!" Doscher once said to me. "When these cents-off coupons are delivered, he can look out the window and see the trucks full of his products leaving the warehouse to stock supermarket shelves." FSIs are generally for down-market products and cashed in by those who love savings.

Plagiarism does "not go gentle into that good night."* *Dylan Thomas May 9, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 36 IN THE NEWS Raytheon board cuts CEO pay after book flap ARLINGTON, Va— Raytheon Co.'s board said on Wednesday that it cut its chief executive's compensation in response to what others have called plagiarism in a management booklet, a penalty that one person familiar with the matter said could cost him $1 million. —Jim Wolf, Bill Rigby and Kevin Drawbaugh, Reuters, May 3, 2006 Young Harvard author's book deal canceled NEW YORK — A Harvard University sophomore's

By Gina Valentino Are you working harder than your database? Perform this quick self-check: - You're tired of running analysis. - You're tired of linking spreadsheets. - You're tired of marketing data but not matching merchandising data or financial data. - You're tired. If you've checked "yes" to any of the observations in our self-check, you're working much harder than your database. Perhaps you don't mind. But try to imagine a world where the database works for you, providing timely and relevant information—not just data. You don't need Steven Spielberg or George Lucas for

Are You Working Harder Than Your Database? By Gina Valentino Perform this quick self-check:

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