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"Hi. My name is Steve and I am a recovering Web 2.0-aholic. Like millions, I am passionate about technology. I am particularly bullish about the long-term prospect of the Web becoming a true platform and its potential to change business and society. However, recently I learned I have a problem. You see, I am skunk drunk on Web 2.0 Kool Aid."

How an Invention Can Make You Rich—or Bankrupt Jan. 24, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. IN THE NEWS MSNBC Breaking News Supreme Court rejects BlackBerry appeal over patent suit. More to come ... —Jan. 22, 2006 Armonica invention gets taken for a spin Most people know that Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity by hanging a key on a kite and standing outside during a lightning storm. One thing he really did invent was the armonica. —Tina Moore, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 16, 2006 What do Benjamin Franklin—whose 300th birthday was celebrated last week—and BlackBerry have in common? Inventions. With the

Deep Throat said it all: "Follow the money." Pennsylvania lawmakers want a $11,402 raise--up from the $69,649 per year they get now. Already the fourth highest-paid state legislature in the country, the Keystone state boys and girls would surpass New York ($79,500) and Michigan ($79,600). Only California pays its legislators more-- ($99,000 now, $110,800 come December). The average Pennsylvanian earned $38,532 in 2004. Should lawmakers earn twice the state average and 8-1/2 times the minimum wage of $5.15? Is this not positively indecent? On the other hand, could it be that state legislators and members of Congress are held in such low regard--and accomplish

How You Can Become a Direct Marketing Entrepreneur By Lois K. Geller When I started in direct marketing, it didn't occur to me that I would ever become a direct marketing entrepreneur. My first job was in continuity publishing with Greystone Press. I wrote "The New International Art Encyclopedia." I enjoyed doing it, and I guess I did a good job because my employer asked if I wanted to take a shot at writing direct marketing copy. I did. And as a result, I got more involved in learning about the direct marketing process. I studied list selection, offers and design, and I watched

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