Steve Spangler

“If your company doesn’t have anything to talk about, then you need to work on it,” is the reply Steve Spangler gives to marketers who list no content as the reason why their firms don’t participate in social media. As the CEO of Steve Spangler Science, an e-commerce site and catalog that sells science project experiments and educational toys, Spangler blogs, twitters, runs a Facebook fan page and participates in the overall social media sphere. These efforts are rewarded with 4 percent of the site’s traffic and 12 percent of its sales being generated by the blog alone—no discounting program involved.

Challenge: Improve Web traffic/sales through SEO Solution: Use buzzworthy anecdotes, video and catchy titles Results: A 14-percent increase in blog-driven sales and spikes of 1,000 sessions per day after each post that contribute to repeat traffic Steve Spangler, famous for creating a 30-foot geyser of Diet Coke by dropping Mentos into a soda bottle, not only has mastered the art of science, but also the art of blogging to optimize natural search results and increase Web sales. Founder and CEO of Steve Spangler Science, a multichannel firm that sells educational toys, Spangler says the overall goal of his blog is to convey information in a fun, thought-provoking

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