Steve Meyer

Share your tips and learn from fellow direct marketers as we cover the hottest issues and best practices in e-mail marketing. Question: What's on your list of best practices when it comes to optimizing customer and prospect opt-in to your e-mail marketing campaigns? Answers: One of the best ways to get a customer to opt-in to ongoing communication is to ask for permission after you've just either helped a customer solve a problem or provided some other sort of excellent service. Customer service agents who slip in a permission question at the end of an extended and successful interaction

By Steve Meyer Managing your customer e-mail information. E-mail continues to grow in importance as a form of communication with nearly universal reach. The concurrent explosion of spam e-mailing as a marketing technique recently resulted in sweeping legislation proposed to give consumers more control over how their personal information is used for contact purposes. To succeed as an e-mail marketer, then, you must carefully cultivate and harvest your valuable crop of e-mail addresses to ensure the best returns on your marketing efforts. E-mail represents an extremely cost-effective form of marketing, so why not just cover the world

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