Stephen Hitchcock

Reminding lapsed donors of your organization's mission and the need for their contribution is the fundamental strategy of any renewal effort. Reminding lapsed donors of their history with your organization (i.e., first gift date, years of association, last gift amount) is yet another proposition. A simple, straightforward invoice-style appeal dropped by Bread for the World in June manages to deliver this vital information back to nonresponders (605BREWOR0603). Stephen Hitchcock, president of Mal Warwick & Associates, the agency that champions Bread for the World's direct mail, says the "join-date," for example, is added to underscore a donor's long-term affiliation with the organization. "Many [Bread

If you're a nonprofit that isn't using a customer newsletter to strengthen relationships with your donor base, you may want to investigate this multi-purpose tool. According to Stephen Hitchcock, president of Mal Warwick & Associates, a fund-raising and marketing agency in Berkeley, CA, studies by Campbell Research, in Pasadena, CA, show that nonprofits who send their members newsletters retain more donors and get more in gifts than those who don't. Why is this? Newsletters keep members up to date on the activities of the organization and make them feel like they are a partner in the cause, not just its purse, says Hitchcock. He

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