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Understanding how to ignite customer engagement starts here in San Diego at DMA2014 with keynote presentations, advice from thought leaders, and insight from VIPs. "The central theme at DMA2014 is all about building and creating engagement," said DMA President Jane Berzan. "This year's event is a week-long experience that explores the connections between brands and consumers that can ignite customer engagement." So we got a few of them together to ask: What is engagement, and how does it fit into data-driven marketing?

Traditionally, the benefit of an integrated campaign has been thought to be about synergies, where one plus one plus one equals something more than three. The problem with the traditional mindset is that one never really knows whether these synergies truly exist. How much benefit did the email campaign obtain from the direct mail? How much more effective were the online display ads when a DRTV campaign was run simultaneously? These are tough questions.

Mobile marketing—and by extension, QR Codes—is so appealing to marketers because it promises to find consumers wherever they are and to be available wherever consumers look.

Green marketing messages are widespread, with environmental claims and certifications now almost commonplace among the many products and services that prospects receive. But are they effective? And if they aren't, why not?

The will to go green has never been stronger among direct mailers, vendors or their clients. Stifling such willingness, however, is confusion and uncertainty about how to begin the transition to more environment-friendly practices.

In the mad rush to get their multichannel marketing plans going full-steam, many companies lose sight of some multichannel fundamentals. “In a dysfunctional multichannel environment, everyone has a separate P&L, everyone is taking credit for each other’s sales, and no one understands where sales are coming from,” asserts Mark Swedlund, senior vice president of Haggin Marketing, a multichannel agency based in San Francisco. Here are three ways to get past the multichannel stumbling blocks: 1. Watch for siloed organizations. When the marketing people don’t talk to the sales people or the online folks don’t strategize with the offline bunch, trouble brews. Such trouble can

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