Sonya Suarez-Hammond

One of the most prominent topics in direct marketing today is ensuring that messaging to customers and prospects is relevant. As it relates to Hispanic marketing, cultural relevance has been trumpeted as the key to opening the door to this consumer group and keeping it open for effective customer retention. To get a better handle on what cultural relevance means to direct marketers, Target Marketing spoke with Sonya Suarez-Hammond, director of multicultural marketing insights at Yankelovich Inc., a consumer research firm in Chapel Hill, N.C. Target Marketing: What information can help marketers ensure their communication with Hispanic audiences is culturally relevant? Sonya Suarez-Hammond: Culturally appropriate marketing

More than 41 million Hispanics call the United States home, and a little more than half of these consumers go online. Despite the clear opportunity in marketing to Hispanics online, only about $150 million of the $16 billion total online advertising spend is dedicated to targeting Latinos, says Lee Vann, founder of Captura Group. This is surprising, considering research from Yahoo! Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research shows two-thirds of online Hispanics have been using online channels for more than five years. William Fleming, CEO, MotionPoint, agrees that online marketing has lagged behind its offline counterparts in service to Hispanics. “People are used to walking into

With Tracy A. Gill Last month, The Yankelovich MONITOR released its second-ever Multicultural Marketing Study. Although Yankelovich has been surveying both the Hispanic and African-American marketing segments separately since 1988, this new multicultural format, first conducted in 2003, was designed to compare and contrast the attitudes, values and behaviors of the major ethnic segments in the United States in order to "get into the multicultural consumer mind-set and psyche and provide marketers with actionable marketing insights," explains study Director Sonya Suarez-Hammond. Suarez-Hammond spoke with me recently about some of the study's key findings. TG: What were some of the most

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