Snoop Dogg

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I recently bought a Nespresso coffee machine because George Clooney is its brand ambassador. I figured if I could even get 10 percent of his charm by drinking Nespresso, the investment would be worth it. After a week, I asked my wife if she noticed any changes. After a short moment of evaluation, she kindly responded, “I think you need to give it more time but also hang on to the receipt.”

Facebook, a service built on real names and real identities, will tomorrow start allowing prominent public figures to verify their accounts and then opt to display a preferred nickname instead of their birth name. Those with verified accounts will gain more prominent placement in Facebook’s “People To Subscribe To” suggestions. Verified accounts are not a departure from Facebook’s policy that users sign up with their real names, as birth names will still be shown on a user’s profile About page. Instead, it’s a way to ensure people don’t subscribe to the public updates of impostors. It will also arm …

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