CRM / Call Center News: Digg This The past year was an important one for the CRM market. Yes, there were a few high-profile acquisitions, though not the market-changing moves we've seen in the past. While things like collaboration tools working their way into applications, the social customer playing an ever more important role and new functional enhancements helped shape the past year, 2010 may have been the year of the CRM buyer. At the very least, it was a beginning. staff looked back on the past year's developments and identified these top trends and stories in the

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida gears up for online service and sales (795 words) By Rob Panepinto FACED WITH THE CHALLENGES of selling a complex product online and protecting its well-established brand, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) recognized that knowledgeable, efficient customer service is critical. The company wanted to empower customers to interact via the channel of their choice but also realized consumers expect outstanding service regardless of how they contact a company—and that their expectations may be even higher for the Web. Among BCBSF's objectives for the spring 2001 launch of Internet Pilot, its first-ever initiative to sell health

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