Shar VanBoskirk

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

AI is poised to open new doors and unlock incredible potential for all walks of life. For marketers, AI will free up resources; lead to closer, more meaningful connections; and help develop a more well-rounded understanding of customers to deliver what they want, when they want it. Here now are three ways AI will impact (and improve) marketing.

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Say you need a latté. You might pull out your phone, open the Yelp app and search for a nearby cafe. If, instead, you want to buy an espresso machine, you will most likely tap Either way, Google lost a customer. Google remains the undisputed king of search, with about two-thirds of the market. But the nature of search is changing, especially as more people search for what they want to buy, eat or learn on their mobile devices. This has put the $22 billion search industry, perhaps the most lucrative and influential of online businesses, at its most

A new report by Forrester Research forecasts that U.S. interactive marketing spending will reach $76.6 billion by 2016, equal to TV spending this year and comprising 35% of all advertising. That's a big jump considering that this year interactive will comprise 19% of all spending, according to Forrester.

UK-based InterContinental Hotel Group's data consolidation project has allowed the hotel chain to make major changes to its CRM infrastructure, automate digital communications and transition into a real-time marketing organization.

With prospects and customers interacting with companies and brands largely on their own terms, marketers will realize better results through the integration of their communications and channels—that's the overarching message in the latest report from Forrester Research's Shar VanBoskirk.

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