Seth Lieberman

Are you searching for ways to increase site traffic, time on site, unique visitors and subscribers all with the goal of boosting site revenue? As you know, the way to do this is with great content—lots of it—and interactive content is some of the best.

By Seth Lieberman For several years, the market for online advertising has boomed, even as it struggles to find a stable pricing structure. Initially, banner and e-mail pricing resembled a WWF free-for-all with traffic juggernauts dictating terms to hungry marketers. When the recent technology bubble burst, it brought sanity to stock valuations, but added increased instability in the online advertising industry. Fueled by a deluge of excess inventory, low barriers to entry and a slow down in the U.S. economy, many advertisers are attempting to fundamentally alter the rates and manner in which they pay for advertising by striking performance-based deals.

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