Seth Godin

How long your content marketing articles are is critical to their success, but there is no one right length. How long any particular article should be depends on what that article's purpose is, who you're trying to reach, and where they are in the buying process.

Google Ads campaigns can be a very effective way to generate leads if you know what you’re doing. The problem is that many people jump into Google Ads blindly. They figure Google will lead them through the steps and instantly, they will start getting sales and phone calls.

What is the worldview of your customers and prospects, and why is it important in marketing and sales? Your customer’s values, beliefs and biases have shaped their thinking — thinking that is unlikely to be changed, no matter the facts.

Telemarketers everywhere may be rejoicing. Or lamenting the loss of their free moment of publicity. On Feb. 29, the Kickstarter campaign for The Jolly Roger Telephone Co. failed, taking with it the solution promising a major time-waster for human telemarketers.

I ride Philly's commuter rail to work each morning. During a recent commute, I sat behind a tall, dark and handsome man in his 30s who was wearing a well-tailored brown wool suit. I noticed him inspecting objects pinched between his thumb, index and middle fingers, then pushing the inspected items into his mouth.

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