Scott Vaughan

Analytics has differing meanings to marketing and business professionals. In our efforts to prove that we can account for everything, we often unknowingly complicate the issues that matter most. With all the data at our disposal and the powerful new tools available to us, it's not uncommon to overshoot what we need as we strive to deliver business impact. So it's important that we get back to the basics—get them right and build from there.

It's that time of year, when buyers hunt aggressively for the best deals they can find. B-to-B customers are on the proverbial year-end hunt for discounts from partners and suppliers who have aggressive revenue targets to meet. For B-to-C marketers, the holidays and all the "after x" sales mean lots of abandoned shopping carts. Once they've bailed, those shoppers scream, "retarget me." But your display ads and emails will only perform if the offer and the timing are correct.

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