Scott Busch

Production Considerations and Budgets: What You Need to Know About Getting Your Ads on TV By Scott Busch Direct marketers and catalogers are pragmatic people. Yet when considering television advertising, many visualize only the extremes—obnoxious used-car video ads or million-dollar, prime-time network ads. But there are options in between. TV is the most engaging and powerful channel available. And the primary reason to consider TV is cable, whose options for programming selections and spot purchases are both selective and cost-effective. These buying options include many demographic slices to match every selected target audience. That said, some network TV does make sense. Besides the

by Jack Schmid & Scott Busch In survey after survey, catalog owners identify building an efficient and cost-effective method of new customer acquisition as one of their main challenges. Whether you are a consumer, business, retail or hybrid (b-to-b and consumer) mailer, the growing popularity of direct response and cataloging as selling channels has resulted in a number of problems in the prospecting area. Among them: • Rental lists are consistently generating lower response than five or 10 years ago. The old standard—2 percent to almost any response list—is history. • Lower response results in a higher cost per new customer—something that has a

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