Scott Bryant

By Scott Bryant, principal, Dirigo Partners LLC If you've ever wished for a single, comprehensive metric to evaluate the performance of your customer contact center, or if you've ever been asked by a call center rep (CCR), "Do you want me to be fast or to provide good service?" this article is for you. Probably no single measure is so comprehensive as to replace all others, but a contribution approach — which I call Individual Contribution, or ICon — can provide great one-stop insight into overall performance, and can help quantify the balance between time and service. The following calculation illustrates how

Look inside the front cover of The Mark Group's original catalog, Mark, Fore & Strike, and you are very likely to see a 1950s photograph that represents the company's founding belief: The lifetime value of each customer is more important than a single sale. Behind that photo is a story, one that shows just how strongly the company believes in customer service. The photo is of the late J. William Tiernan, president and owner of Mark, Fore & Strike until his death in 1973, and was taken by a store manager as Tiernan arrived at a Naples, FL, airfield with a dress for

Customer service can make or break a company. What's the old saying, "Once bitten, twice shy"? Many customers simply won't give you a second chance if you screw up an order or don't treat them right in the first place. Provide them with the tender loving care they think they deserve, or they'll simply take their business elsewhere. That's the bad news. The good news is that the reverse is also true in many cases. Treat your customers well, and you'll have their business for life. So what does it mean to take good care of customers in the high-tech high-touch environment

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