Scott Brinker

It’s encouraging to see a resurgence in the quantity and quality of B2B marketing conferences and trade shows these days. For a while there, I was worried, as event after event went dark. Part of the upturn is due to the growth of the proprietary client conference.

The top reason I love my work is the fascinating people I have the privilege to meet. I’ve always thought B2B marketing attracts unusually interesting professionals. People who see the potential, embrace the complexity and relish the challenges of our field.

The average marketing stack includes up to 17 distinct technologies, according to Signal. Yowsa. No wonder integration is a big pain point for most marketing teams. No wonder martech is a hot investment area. No wonder our heads hurt.

During the last few months, we've had the chance to sit down with some of the sharpest minds in B-to-B marketing to pick their brains about industry challenges, trends and best practices. As we approach 2015, our team thought it would be beneficial to share some of the most memorable words of wisdom garnered from these interviews. We certainly took a lot away from them—and hope you do, as well. So check out the tips below and consider adding some of these pointers to your list of New Year's resolutions.

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