Sapna Maheshwari

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Netflix is catching hate from a few users who believe their private lives are being mocked publicly. This may sound familiar, in that brands like @Wendys and @KFC regularly joke with customers, but the difference here is that @netflix used private information that its customers didn’t disclose or allow to be disclosed.

"You can talk about Millennials and the changing character and diversity of the population in the same breath, because as the Millennial population is the largest group that we’ve ever seen, so will be the minority population. It’s young people who are the diverse population, so we think about what needs and desires this group will have that’s going to be different from my age demographic, what we wanted. It starts with the product, so we have to first understand that we have to tweak certain products a little bit or emphasize certain brands

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