Sales Rule

By Alicia Orr Suman Have telemarketers gotten nicer? As a member of the direct marketing community, I have not put my name on the state Do-Not-Call (DNC) list. And I've noticed of late an increased level of politeness from the people who call me on the phone to sell some product or service. Is this my imagination? The answer to that question isn't really important. But it raises a point: With fewer names in their calling pools—as a result of more Americans asking that their names be put on DNC lists—telemarketers should be doing all they can to make sure every call is

By Paul Barbagallo, assistant editor, Target Marketing & Inside Direct Mail Legislation establishing state-maintained telemarketing do-not-call lists has been introduced in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Washington State. If enacted, these states will join 25 others already maintaining their own lists. These bills follow the heavily debated do-not-call registry in California, a state so innundated with evening phone solicitations that the measure gained snowball-like momentum as it rolled to the Capitol. Senate Bill (SB) 771 eventually passed, enabling Californians for sign up for the registry beginning in January 2003. Under the program, California consumers will be able to place their phone number on the state's

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