Sal Tripi

To the casual observer, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) appears to have luck on its side. The nearly 60-year-old company that got its start selling magazine subscriptions has weathered stringent sweepstakes legislation and the accompanying publicity stirred up by Congress; the shrinking of its original customer base; and the not insignificant challenge of duplicating its offline dominance in the online sphere.

Many email marketers struggle to explain to the C-suite, brand managers and even themselves why there seem to be so many limits on the channel.

Why can't I just buy a list? Who are these people running the blacklists? Why doesn't my template render the way I want? Why does permission-based email get blocked? Why do I need permission in the first place? We know intellectually that the answer is because subscribers rule the inbox, and what they don't find relevant or interesting is simply not welcome.

In this session, experienced practitioners from InterContinental Hotels, Publishers Clearinghouse and Geeknet help you understand the rules of engagement for successful email marketing - and how to practice them for higher response and revenue.

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