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Maybe it was in the mountains. Or the backyard. I used to be such a big book reader over the summer. It was when I would catch up on the unread books piled up around the house, or on my desk at work. I’d pick up the habit of reading again, wherever and whenever I could.

Roger Craver's sage retelling of the Snow White story at FundRaising Success' Engage Conference has gone viral. ... The moment of highest drama ... was when Roger declared unequivocally that social media is (can I assume we're all adults here and skip the silly asterisks?) bullshit. Not surprisingly, there was strong reaction from every corner of the hall. Some applauded the bold public acknowledgment of what they had long believed. Others scoffed at the idea as cynical, outmoded, dinosaur thinking. ... But nobody asked exactly what he meant

On Oct. 17, 1989, an earthquake rocked San Francisco. Seven days later a correspondent of mine in San Francisco received a one-page letter from T.B. Fisher, manager of travel card services for Chevron USA, sent First Class Presort and dated Oct. 18. It read: We’ve heard about the problems that have hit your area because of the earthquake, and we sincerely hope you have not been personally affected. However, if circumstances have disrupted your routine, we want you to know we are ready to help. If we can assist by extending more time to pay your account, just let us know. You may call us toll-free at 800-CHEVRON or drop a note in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. This is one small way to say thank you for your business and confidence in our company.

The war for Wisconsin voters ended on Tuesday, following a year of battles fought on several fronts, including direct mail. Direct mail was enlisted by both sides from early on.

There's a lot at stake in the 2012 elections besides the obvious prize — the White House. So we here at DMIQ decided to look at the direct mail sent out by political campaigns in 2011, to see what's working and what may be ahead in 2012. And why not? We've had a long history covering the direct mail of political campaigns.

"Donors of principle," fundraising guru Roger Craver once wrote, can be motivated to contribute "as though the quality of their very lives depended on the gifts." He was speaking of direct mail at the time, but an email appeal sent on April 28th by EMILY's List illustrates all of the ingredients Craver cites as essential for success.

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