Robert S. Kaplan

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In the second presidential debate in October in Nashville, Tenn., amid the financial collapse, Tom Brokaw asked the candidates who they might pick as secretary of the Treasury. My choice for Treasury secretary: Robert S. Kaplan, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and a former vice chairman at Goldman Sachs. Who?

Why would I open an e-pitch from Harvard Business Publishing?

Because four days earlier it was reported that, in the fiscal year that ended June 30, Harvard University's endowment had earned an 8.6% return that took the value of the foundation from $34.9 billion to $36.9 billion. On Friday, it was announced that Yale did a paltry 4.5%.

Management of the Harvard endowment fund was overseen by Robert S. Kaplan, former VP of Goldman Sachs and a management practice professor at the Harvard Business School.

Given the outrageous shenanigans that went on in the markets over the past year, professor Kaplan appears to be the only sane, responsible and honest person devoted to making money for his clients (in this case one client, Harvard) and actually succeeding.

I am berserk. After reading this, you might also be berserk.

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