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Reinventing Direct is for the direct marketer seeking guidance in the evolving world of online marketing. Gary Hennerberg is a mind code marketing strategist, based on the template from his new book, "Crack the Customer Mind Code." He is recognized as a leading direct marketing consultant and copywriter. He weaves in how to identify a unique selling proposition to position, or reposition, products and services using online and offline marketing approaches, and copywriting sales techniques. He is sought-after for his integration of direct mail, catalogs, email marketing, websites, content marketing, search marketing, retargeting and more. His identification of USPs and copywriting for clients has resulted in sales increases of 15 percent, 35 percent, and even as high as 60 percent. Today he integrates both online and offline media strategies, and proven copywriting techniques, to get clients results. Email him or follow Gary on LinkedIn. Co-authoring this blog is Perry Alexander of ACM Initiatives. Follow Perry on LinkedIn.

So you've created your campaign and attended to all the details of identifying your audience, created your offer, and toiled for hours and hours, honing copywriting and design. But in the end, the tipping point for your success likely stems from the degree to which you emotionally persuade an individual to take action.

Two years ago, I made a commitment to do something that made me profoundly uncomfortable. I had just finished writing my first book, and I promised my publisher that I would reach out to bestselling authors and senior leaders, asking them to read my book and consider endorsing it. ... As someone who generally prefers to be on the giving side of exchanges, rather than the asking and receiving end, ... I began seeking advice, scouring the research evidence, and test-driving what I learned in my quest to capture the attention of busy people

I’m a strong proponent of testing direct mail premiums. Why? Because they typically increase the mailing’s response rate and its net profit! Take, for instance, those personalized address labels you receive in mailings. Practically all of us have a use for them. And as soon as we run out, we go looking for more. Yes, they add to the mailing’s cost. But, typically, they also spike the number of people responding, raise the average gift and increase the mailing’s net income. Premiums work because of what Robert Cialdini, emeritus psychologist at Arizona State University, calls the “rule of reciprocation”

If you want to know what someone really thinks of something, sometimes the best way to find out is simply to ask them. In marketing circles, this usually translates to surveying our customers or prospects to determine what’s going on in the real world. We use marketing surveys for a number of reasons, from identifying overall customer satisfaction scores, to deciding how to position new products, to conducting new research to support thought leadership content, as is the case with HubSpot's new "2013 Inbound Marketing Survey," which we launched last Friday. But crafting an effective marketing survey is a little

President of Alan Rosenspan & Associates, Alan and his teams have won more than 100 awards for creativity and results, including 18 DMA Echo Awards. He has also been a judge of the Echoes, the Caples, the European Direct Marketing Association (EDMA) Best of Europe Awards and the international judge of the RSVP Awards in New Zealand. Rosenspan is the creator of the "Creative Strategy" course for the Direct Marketing Association, and has led seminars and workshops in 18 different countries, as well as for dozens of corporate clients and associations. He also has been a direct marketing instructor at Bentley College for the

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