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Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.
Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

5G mobile networks are rising above the horizon, and the mobile data revolution they promise should be the difference between the mobile web access we have today, and transformative, always-on, instantaneous transmission, sci-fi-like Internet everywhere we've been promised for the last decade.

There's a smart home revolution coming. New appliances are firmly entrenched in the Internet of Things, and promise a thousand ways to make consumer's lives more convenient, safe and rewarding. In this episode, we talk about how smart homes, smart appliances and smart packaging could change the game for consumer packaged goods brands, and the ways some marketers are already taking advantage of it.

Augmented reality and image recognition have the potential to dramatically change how consumers interact with products and brands ... if they catch on. One area of marketing that seems poised to embrace these opportunities is packaging design. This week, Marketing Garage examines how the packaging industry is leveraging image recognition and AR to create immersive and informational customer experiences, and what that means for brands.

Smartphones changed the way consumers interact with the digital world, and the way marketers interacted with them. But that new reality isn't static. Smartphones are about to change again, with huge implications for media and marketing alike.

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