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By Hallie Mummert Get your best results ever with channel-integrated campaigns. In a study of more than 130 retailers conducted earlier this year by Forrester Research for, multichannel (catalog, store and Web) retailers reported more than 46 percent of their customers who typically buy online also make purchases offline, and 17 percent of their customers who primarily shop offline also make online purchases. What's more, 15 percent of offline purchases are influenced by information gathered on the retailer's Web site, according to the study. This kind of cross-channel information-gathering and purchasing behavior

By Hallie Mummert Being able to measure response and pinpoint the reasons for success gives direct marketers a leg up against general advertisers. Testing is not an optional activity you can afford to cut out of your budget during lean times. When you look at testing as a luxury or an expense, you ignore the main advantage direct marketers can lord over brand-driven general advertisers: Concrete measurement that attributes response and sales to the campaigns responsible for generating these activities. Think about it: You don't need to spend money on magazines, television

By Lisa Yorgey Mailing a campaign without doing sufficient list research is comparable to flushing money down the drain—no matter how good your product, offer or creative is. List selection is a highly skilled process based on experience—in a given market and with a particular list. And in this process, a broker can play an important role in a mailer's marketing strategy. Following are some of the numerous ways list brokers can contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. - Brokers bring to the table their experience with other mailers. "Because brokers often specialize in specific markets, they know how other mailers

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