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By Sharon R. Cole True, marketers have been aware of the growing Hispanic market for years. And with recent political events showing the enormity of this population, marketers certainly are not turning a blind eye. But are mailers targeting Hispanics correctly? Are they losing out because they don't know how to find and influence certain segments of this group? More specifically, are marketers missing the boat on a growing sector that has both disposable income and a propensity to buy through direct channels, i.e., acculturated Hispanics? Who Is Acculturated? To answer these questions, Rick Blume, vice president of multicultural marketing at

By Rick Blume You know the numbers in the multicultural markets: 39 million Hispanics, 37 million African-Americans and 12 million Asian-Americans. The Census Bureau has documented these three groups as the fastest growing in the country, and soon they will make up close to 50 percent of America's population—half of that of Hispanic descent. By 2007, with the general market's buying power projected to be in excess of $7 trillion, the multicultural market's buying power will be more than $2 trillion; Hispanics' spending power will rise to $927 billion, African-Americans' to $645 billion and

By Paul Barbagallo In just four decades, the U.S. Hispanic market has more than quadrupled in size, from 6.9 million potential consumers in 1960 to more than 35.3 million in 2000. Hispanic buying power is increasing faster than that of any other minority group, notes Jeff Humpreys, director of the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. The U.S. Hispanic population currently represents approximately $600 billion in total household spending. Humpreys projects that by 2007, Hispanic buying power will top $926.1 billion. "There's been a huge boom," confirms Lori Collins, director of business development, FocusUSA, a list

Not since the days of the Spanish Empire—when armada galleons roamed the high seas and conquistadors traversed North America—has Spanish culture had such a pervasive influence on mainstream American culture. Consider some of the biggest names in entertainment today: former Menudo member Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Mark Anthony, Enrique Isglesias … the list goes on. Also, Santana has made a huge comeback, and this year saw the prime time broadcast of the first annual Latin Grammy Awards. Underlying this fascination with the Latino culture is the size and anticipated growth rate of the U.S. Hispanic community, coupled with a saturated and

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