Regina Brady

Regina (Reggie) Brady is president of her own e-marketing and direct marketing consultancy, Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions. She is a leading authority on Internet direct marketing and has held executive positions in Internet marketing at FloNetwork Inc. (subsequently acquired by DoubleClick), Acxiom/Direct Media and CompuServe.

Julie Andrews sang about them in The Sound of Music. Oprah had them as an annual event on her show. Now it's time to add Reggie's favorite "email things" to the list. Let's take a look at interesting and unusual approaches to email marketing that could inspire you.

For a long time, email was the Web channel marketers could count on to get a message to their target customers. Everyone used it as the primary means of personal Internet communication, even when it was flooded with spam.

Marketers need to consider mobile activity and how it may affect their email programs. Best practices in email design are changing to ensure a good experience for all recipients, regardless of how they access their messages.

Most marketers have a regular email program in place. I want to focus on what relevant emails mean to B-to-B and B-to-C marketers. The applications are very different: B-to-B marketers can employ sophisticated lead nurturing programs while B-to-C marketers are more likely to zero in on driving a sale.

As digital marketing continues to grow, it's important to use a variety of online channels to your advantage for maximum outreach. Let's start with the key components for success—the lists, offer and creative as they contribute to motivating response.

Many direct marketers rely on a regular e-newsletter to communicate with their customers. These communications are different from promotional emails in that the main focus is content or relationship building, and not on an immediate action such as making a purchase.

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