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By Lisa Yorgey Lester The growth of e-commerce has made virtually every marketer with a Web site a global company. For marketers that choose to accept (yes, some decline) orders from overseas consumers, fulfillment requires more due diligence than simply dropping a package into the mail stream, closing one's eyes and praying it reaches its destination. Aside from the intricacies of fulfillment itself, you must decide how you're going to transport your product overseas and do it cost-effectively. The payoff, however, can be big. International customers often tend to purchase more product and have higher average orders than their

Base Your Delivery Method on Your Marketing Strategy By Lisa Yorgey Lester Mapping out your mailing plan for an international direct mail campaign is often like completing a jigsaw puzzle. You need to contemplate all the pieces to make it fit. Unlike domestic postal delivery, no monopoly exists on the delivery of international mail. Mailers can choose from three basic options when sending international direct mail: 1. One of the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) international services; 2. An international mailing service, such as remail or consolidation, provided by private commercial carrier; or 3. The direct-entry services of the USPS, a foreign postal

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