Rachel McLaughlin

By Rachel McLaughlin What's new in the world of alternate media? Lots! Traditional alternate media options, such as inserts in billing statements, have been joined by some newcomers. Telecoms have opened their billing statements to advertisers; and more unusual ways of reaching people, such as ticket jacket advertising and airport baggage carousel messages, offer more alternative options than ever before for marketers looking beyond traditional direct mail for ways to prospect. A Whole New World A whole new avenue of statement stuffers has recently opened up: the giant telecom industry. AT&T Wireless Long Distance and MCI WorldCom went to alternate media company

By Rachel McLaughlin In this age of information, marketers are constantly trying to learn more about their customers. Over the last few years, countless time and energy has been spent on building databases, compiling as much information as possible about each and every customer—what he or she buys, how much he or she spends—as well as demographic and geographic data. However, when it comes to using this information to create a more effective marketing campaign, direct marketers fall short of its full potential. While this information has been used to decide whom to mail to and when, the data can also be used to

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