R.J. Talyor

These days, e-mail marketers face a number of new challenges, including increasing pressure to drive response rates, default image blocking at most major ISPs, creating e-mails for subscribers checking e-mail on mobile devices, deliverability changes and waning subscriber attention in a crowded inbox. With these new hurdles, response rates on a previously successful campaign might fall flat when repeated. What’s to blame? Marketers often look to subject lines, creative content or other elements of their e-mail campaigns to identify the culprit. It’s also common for e-mail marketers to search for industry benchmarks to measure themselves against. It seems today that everyone wants to measure

A new whitepaper, Email Marketing for the Third Screen, by ExactTarget’s Director of Strategic Services Morgan Stewart and E-mail Strategist R.J. Talyor, comments on the growing adoption of mobile e-mail and its impact on e-mail marketing practices. The authors clearly state that mobile e-mail is not a customer’s preferred form of e-mail. Viewing e-mail on a PDA or SmartPhone simply is a matter of convenience for consumers. Mobile e-mail users read rather than write e-mail on their phones and “are primarily interacting with messages they deem urgent, not commercial e-mail,” according to the whitepaper. However, mobile e-mail adoption is growing, so e-mail marketers need

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