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As everyone knows, there's less mail. The US. Postal Service projects a decline, from a high of 213 billion pieces of mail in 2006 all the way down to 170 billion for 2010. Financial services mail, of course, is the major reason for the big drop. Because of the global credit crunch, credit card companies are sending less mail, and same goes for banks and mortgage lenders. And it's not likely to change anytime soon, as a recent report from The Federal Reserve noted that nearly all major banks were not going to ease lending standards in the next year.

Note: Denny Hatch personally replies to all readers who write in. Readers respond to “How Not to Run a Meeting—or a Business: Lessons from the 109th Congress,” published July 27, 2006. Loved your newsletter dealing with meetings. I run lots of meetings and attend others and what you are saying is so very true. Our congress is, indeed, an exercise in how not to run a meeting. —Jerry Heisler Excellent piece, thank you so much for such an articulate review of the sad state of our Congress. I hope the majority of these Congress people get voted out of office, regardless of their party affiliations. I’ve read several

By Lois K. Geller It was a cold and snowy day in our nation's capital. I had just finished speaking at the Travel Learning Conference. My son, Paul, came by to tell me he had a real treat in store for me. The snow in Washington, D.C., was 4 inches deep and looked as if it would get much worse. I silently hoped that the treat involved a fireplace and maybe chamomile tea, but I knew better. Just as I feared, the treat involved more of a Valley Forge experience. We donned heavy boots, bundled up and trudged through the suddenly cab-less streets. As

By Lois K. Geller Last week, I got lucky. I went to Philadelphia, my hometown, where I haven't been in ages (except for quick trips for meetings). My son, Paul, drove me because I'd broken my foot a week earlier racing for a cab. I'd been invited to deliver the keynote speech at the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association (PDMA) Conference. I give many speeches, and I've discovered that I get a pretty good impression of a group months before the actual event. I had a great feeling about the PDMA, because the organizers were terrific. So I wasn't surprised—as Paul supported me through

By Lois K. Geller Last Saturday night, I went with a friend to see the Harry Potter movie. I had read the book and was looking forward to getting away from work and being entertained. It was fun and it gave me some insights and lessons about direct marketing … 1. Harry Potter is supposed to be a children's movie, but it strikes a chord with many different groups of people. I sat in a packed Manhattan theater at 8 p.m. and the only kids in the theater were on the screen. There were seniors, teens, couples, singles, groups of people

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