Pat Friesen

Pat Friesen is a direct response copywriter, content developer, copy coach and creative strategist. She is also the author of "The Cross-Channel Copywriting Handbook," published by Direct Marketing IQ. Reach her at (913) 341-1211.

Email subject lines are like the teaser copy on a direct mail outer envelope. Their job is to get the email/envelope opened and read. This means subject lines are big influencers of the success (or failure) of every email you send.

Yep, the devil really is in the details. Which means you should never underestimate the power of the small stuff when it comes to boosting conversions and sales. Even an itty-bitty detail such as a single word, number or typeface can make a huge difference. It's all about writing and designing for response in today's multichannel marketing environment.

For me and many other Millennial Marketers, the word "clickbait" makes us roll our eyes and mutter a curse against sites like UpWorthy and Buzzfeed. It's often lazy copywriting, cashing in on people's curiosity for the sensational, but then failing to deliver relevant content (and usually the websites are a hot mess, IMHO).

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