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Pat Friesen is a direct response copywriter, content developer, copy coach and creative strategist. She is also the author of "The Cross-Channel Copywriting Handbook," published by Direct Marketing IQ. Reach her at (913) 341-1211.

The outer envelope. Unexplored territory? A blank canvas? Not so fast. These days, “less copy on the outer often yields a better response,” states Todd Lerner, copywriter/designer and owner of Todd Lerner Advertising in Farmington Hills, Mich. 1. Less Makes It More … Personal “If you’re trying to make it look more personal, you probably don’t put charts and graphs on the back [of the outer] because then it’s an immediate tip-off that you’re selling something,” says Pat Friesen, copywriter and owner of Pat Friesen & Company in Kansas City, Kan. Because she’s presently working with an older, educated audience that “doesn’t like hype,”

by Pat Friesen It's a fact. Creating and producing direct mail advertising normally is not cheap. But does that mean you have to be a Fortune 500 company with a mega-size marketing budget in order to use direct mail? Absolutely not. You just need to know how to make the most of your ad dollars—getting the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. Here are a few money-stretching tips on how to create and produce direct mail on a less-than-huge budget. Target and mail to your best prospects or customers first. Don't drop huge mass mailings. Whether you're mailing 10 letters to cross-sell

by Pat Friesen In search of ways to boost your response rates this year? Look no further. Here are a host of test ideas for you to consider. #1 Add the word FREE to your outer envelope teaser copy or to the subject line of your e-mail sales message. #2 Focus on "selling" your offer, not your product or service. Give your targeted audience a good reason to respond. #3 Let your customers choose how they want to respond (phone, mail, online, fax), and use this information for future two-way communications. #4 Study customer complaints as a source of breakthrough response-generating ideas. #5 Use

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