Pamela A. Evans

What makes a professional the 2019 Marketer of the Year? It’s more than them earning your respect. Target Marketing is looking for brand marketers — not vendors or agency professionals — whose careers embody everything that’s great about marketing. We also want your nominations for the brightest Rising Stars.

You can nominate our 2016 Target Marketer of the Year. Clicking on the Web form here allows you to fill in who you think represents the best marketer for 2016, because this person embodies the best marketing has to offer — professional accomplishment, integrity, innovation and service to the marketing community.

If you don't think I have one too many G's in the headline above, then you might be part of the plugged-in set that Universal McCann polled for the most recent phase of its social media research project. Called Wave 3, this initiative puts some numbers to the global explosion of social media.

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