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Not long ago, our social media news feeds were flush with coverage of the United Airlines brand crisis. For those who came in late, a man (who had paid for his ticket) was forcefully dragged from his seat and hauled out of the plane as a consequence of an overbooking error made by the airline.

Brands concerned about social media backlash by consumers against their companies have justifiable fears — on Tuesday, public outrage caused Uber shareholders to give ride-sharing service CEO Travis Kalanick the boot.

Chances are, no one in travel and hospitality particularly wants to work in marketing for United Airlines right now. Rebuilding the brand may take more time than it took to drag a screaming man from the seat he paid for on a flight departing Chicago. Passenger-shot smartphone video of his bloodied face went viral on Monday, along with derision about United’s use of the word “re-accommodate” in its official statement about the incident.

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