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MacRae Ross was a client many years ago and a great guy. He taught me a lot. Everybody that knew him loved him. Mac was smart, bubbling with energy, a devout rugby player, great conversationalist and party animal. I heard that he married a lady named Marji and became a father. But he was in the Washington, D.C., area while my wife, Peggy, and I were living in Connecticut, so we lost touch. Last year, I was deeply saddened to hear Mac had died of pancreatic cancer in 2006. He was so very young. In the July 16, 1998, issue of Fast Company, Lisa

Probably not, but it's fun to try! Nov. 15, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue No. 48 IN THE NEWS Combating Critics' Pans With a Blitzkrieg of Ads If you have watched any television in New York or listened to local radio in the last two weeks, you have probably heard about "In My Life," the new Broadway musical currently at the Music Box Theater. Its commercials, after all, have been everywhere, complete with heartfelt audience testimonials, snippets of cheering crowds and mentions of rave reviews. All of which might give you the impression that "In My Life" is a hit. You would be wrong.

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