Nicole Lyn Pesce

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

You’d think by now brands wouldn’t still be dealing with political fallout from President Donald Trump’s entrance into the Oval Office, but they are — whether the boycotts are pro- or anti-Trump. A quarter of Americans aren’t buying certain brands, and they blame politics, says a recent Ipsos study.

Crowdsourcing a product from social media trends may seem like an iffy proposition, but Starbucks is betting on it starting today. The “Unicorn Frappuccino blended beverage” not only looks like a rainbow, but changes flavors when stirred — like the magic the public expects. And, as the brand’s product announcement reflects, social media users are going crazy for meme-mirroring foods.

Don’t plug a Facebook Marketplace snafu search into Twitter. Just don’t do it. Let’s just say that Twitter, too, needs humans to oversee algorithms and get rid of NSFW videos.

Everyone bleeds. Yet Americans hide it from themselves in television commercials, video games, movie violence, and in other ads and images by turning the red liquid — get this — blue, black or green. The British aren’t as squeamish. So should American marketing grow up?

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