Neil Feinstein

What messages will win? With more channels employed in virtually every marketing campaign, the sheer number of messages that prospects are getting is going up every day. How do you get yours to stand out?

In this groundbreaking session originally featured as part of the 2011 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo, four award-winning and experienced direct marketers will discuss the big trends hitting the email, direct mail, mobile and social media spaces ... and what kinds of campaigns are likely to succeed in 2011, including using examples from their own recent campaigns that they've created for retailers, nonprofits, publishers, insurance companies, travel services and more.

Takeaways from this roundtable include:
- What kind of messages will work in 2011, across multiple channels
- How the right combination of words can make a mobile or email campaign successful
- Which techniques to use in each channel to get those coveted opens
- A rundown of the techniques and technology available today (VDP, PURLs, QR codes, etc.) that make direct mail more integrated with other channels than ever before
- Successful examples of breakthrough messages in the email, direct mail, mobile and social media space
- What kinds of creative crosses over to other channels, and what kind does not
- The future of marketing messages, 2011 and beyond

At our recent popular virtual show, Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk 2011, we had nearly 600 people attend the opening roundtable, "Messages That Break Through the Clutter: 2011's Winning Campaigns from Every Channel." Here are two particular questions that relate to any direct mail marketer struggling to overcome digital hurdles, namely IT and social media.

There were several questions we didn't get to at Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk 2011's popular session "Messages That Break Through the Clutter," such as "What are some key ways to capture a local market, versus a global market, through emails?" and "Are social media messages to B-to-B prospects more susceptible to filtering for clutter?" Fortunately, our marketing experts were able to tackle these important questions after the session.

In a power-packed hour, Alan Rosenspan talked about how direct mail remains more viable than ever, Gary Hennerberg discussed the need to restructure the overall multichannel approach to the prospect, and Neil Feinstein covered something called "Marketing 3.0." Carolyn Goodman? She tackled email and how to get those opens and clickthroughs up!

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