Michelle Higgins

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I disagree with Michelle Higgins. She is a whiner and a handwringer. Getting on a plane is emphatically NOT “roughly akin to entering the ninth circle of hell.” It’s a miracle. The late author and critic Alfred Kazin said his idea of happiness was settling into an airliner seat with a book, a notebook and a martini. Amen. Jet planes have taken me higher and faster and to places around the world only dreamed of by my grandparents—and usually for only a few hundred bucks. If you want to spend $400 to $3000 or more an hour to fly in obscene luxury, plenty of

That a passenger went ballistic after waiting an hour-and-a-half for his luggage and wound up in police custody was unfortunate, but not surprising. Much is happening in the world to give us all angst—tight security and long lines at airports, the high price of oil and natural disasters. All can interrupt the normal patterns of our lives. Marketers have two choices: (1) Business as usual or (2) use news to enhance your business by scoring Brownie points with your customers and prospects (and perhaps making extra sales). This is old-fashioned PR, salesmanship and customer retention management. Savvy Hotel and Rental-car Marketers Last month when arrests were make in the

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