Michelle Farabaugh

Improve on your customer targeting by: - testing ship-tos; - testing gift recipients; - segmenting by source; and - and segmenting by trade area. —Michelle Farabaugh, partner, LENSER

Your buyer file is your most important asset. Profit comes from remailing those buyers with higher response and lower mailing costs. Determine your correct frequency by segment, and see results soar. —Michelle Farabaugh, partner, LENSER

If you've taken your marketing effort online, chances are you did it within the last two years. In that time the only thing reliable about the e-mail market has been its potential for growth. The rules are changing. Some of the traditional direct marketing truisms apply, some don't, and the rest is a lot of trial-and-error. To cut down on the "error" part, consider some sage advice from Michelle Farabaugh, vice president, catalog, West Marine Products. She says you need to determine by what percentage you wish to grow your online marketing efforts, and at what cost. What is the lifetime

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