Michael Weil

By Hallie Mummert A good idea can go far in the world, but a good idea that is properly marketed stands a better chance of success. This is the reason why marketing promotions for books that promise to show people a new way to live focus as much on the authors and their credentials as they do on the ideas in the books. But as Michael Weil notes, "It's hard to manufacture experts with [direct] mail alone." Weil is senior product manager at Boardroom Inc., the Greenwich, CT, publisher of Bottom Line/Personal newsletter, along with other newsletters and books. One of the products in

By Noelle Skodzinski After a horse wins a race, the horse and trainer don't just lallygag around the barn till the next race. They train tirelessly, adjusting their strategy depending on the horse's strength—stamina or speed. In this analogy, a horse isn't a horse, of course, but a control package. And if you're not the trainer here, you should be. But like savvy trainers, most astute marketers already know that if you sit around reveling in your success, one day your control will lag or even flag, and you'll be stuck with nothing better to roll out. They know that, as Hugh Chewning,

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