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The balance of power has shifted: Consumers have put a premium on their time. Inundated with countless marketing messages competing for their attention, the American public has expressed its displeasure through its demand for Do-Not-Call and Can Spam legislation. Moving forward, successful marketers will be those who embrace the principles of permission-based marketing and begin to court consumers’ favor by building relationships. Break Through the Clutter “The days when all can graze cattle on the village green are gone,” says Don Peppers, founder of the Peppers & Rogers Group and co-author, with Martha Rogers, Ph.D., of a series of international best sellers on relationship

by Lisa A. Yorgey Fourth quarter numbers can make or break most direct marketers. Indeed, performance in this last stretch may well determine the outcome of their year-end profitability. Done properly, e-mail marketing can be a low-cost prospecting tool that can boost sales. E-mail lists have come a long way in a short period of time and now are of better quality, more plentiful and less expensive than a few years ago. Now is the time to test this medium so you can reap the economic reward during the fourth quarter, holiday-shopping season. Too often, e-mail acquisition is done only on an as-needed basis,

By Hallie Mummert By now, direct marketers should have no doubts that e-mail is a medium that works in getting marketing messages out to prospects and customers who have opted in to receiving them. But just how effective is this tool at getting the desired response? A recent study on the subject conducted by NFO Interactive for Flonetwork Inc., in Toronto, ON, found that 73 percent of online buyers prefer to learn about new products offered by online merchants through e-mail. Another reassuring finding for anyone who has invested in e-mail marketing is that 61 percent of online buyers report they

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